Have some furniture or home decor to sell? Are you renovating, moving, clearing house, or just switching things up?

 You should participate in one of our group sales, or we can host an estate sale for you virtually.  

You get to pick the price, and pickup location. Participating is free, and you get 75% commission back on what sells. 

some consigning basics

Our inventory comes from people like you. Got some nice furniture and home decor to sell but don’t want to fool with Craigslist crazies? Perfect. Register to consign with us.

1. Register to consign

Click the link below to fill out the consignor application form. 


2. Price & Enter your items

Enter the price, measurements, and special info for your items. Upload pictures. Submit the form.  


3. "view" the sale

Watch the sale happen live on Instagram! You can see which of your items where included and which ones sell. Check the “available” highlights to see what’s left. 

4. Connect with the buyers, coordinate for pickup & Get Paid

Once your items have been paid for, I will connect you with the buyers through Instagram direct messages. After your items have been picked up, I will send your commission through Venmo. 

Rules for Consignors

    •  Seller commission is 75% paid through Venmo within 7 business days after pickup of the item.
    • We believe in quality over quantity so we reserve the right to be very picky about what we do and do not accept. 
    • The buyer will pay through Venmo BEFORE pickup of the item to decrease the incentive for a “no-show”
    • The buyer has the right to pass on the item after seeing it in person, with a full refund.

    • Everything must be clean—i.e., dust, dirt, hair, and smell free.
    • The Seller must coordinate a pickup time within 5 business days after the buyers payment is complete..
    • The Seller must not list or sell the item on any other platform until at least 4 days after the sale
    • Pineapple Consignment is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

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